Altitude at Work

has been operating since in 2007 as a




end-user product supplier. We are an authorised supplier of the following brand of business and consumer products in South Africa:

Altitude at Work

’s core focus is marketing and sales of




end user products to public entities and private companies locally and nationally. In addition, we offer clients with end-to-end

telecommunication solutions

through our consulting and

project management services


Our client-centric approach focuses on service excellence and customer satisfaction. We take time to assess our customers’ needs and operational requirements and offer solutions that will meet their objectives. The company is based in Cape Town and is able to provide clients after-sales service and technical support.

Altitude Connect

is the

rental division


Altitude at Work

. This division offers

two-way radio


audio conferencing rental solutions

to companies within the Cape Town area.


is a logical and cost-effective choice for short-term and long-term business requirements including: training, events, exhibitions, seasonal business expansion and new system trials.

Altitude At Work - Mission

Altitude at Works

’ mission is to provide our customers with the best quality

telecommunication solutions

coupled with consistent high levels of customer service that meet their operational, budgetary and strategic



Altitude At Work - Empowerment

Altitude at Work is a 100% black owned and managed company with a level 3 Empowerdex rating.

BEE Certificate: BEE PDF - 176 KB

Altitude at Work - Corporate Social Initiative (CSI):

“The heart of Lifeline/Childline is about making a difference, giving people hope and creating a safe space for growth” (Grant William Hamel, Chairperson – Lifeline/Childline). Lifeline/Childline provides an essential service to the community.

Notably, a large part of their service to the community is conducted over the



Altitude at Work

has therefore undertaken to supply


to Lifeline/Childline for their counselling centres. This will allow staff, volunteers and councillors to be more effective in their service to the community.

Altitude at Work

is proud to be associated with Lifeline/Childline.

Altitude at Work - The Team:


Altitude At Work

team has over 30 years extensive client service management experience coupled with technical training and knowledge of the range of products.
Kevin Mac Donald
Business Development Manager:

Kevin oversees the overall strategic management and direction of the company. His key roles lie within customer relationship management, consulting and advising. Other interests include corporate social investment initiatives within various communities which the company supports.
Dion Chain
Business Operations Manager:

Dion ensures that the company meets its operational and business objectives. His area of expertise lie in project management, consulting and customer relationship management.